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or exposure to san francisco. everyday we witness the birth of innovation and models with the clean economy and the -- excuse me, with the green collar jobs that come with that. we know that the green energy economy can have a market transformation as the it1 we are experiencing here in san francisco but in order to do that we as a city must provide strong demand for energy efficiency and renewable products. that catalyst is greenfinancesf. we have seen other parts of the state of california that have adopted residential programs to great effect recently most notably sonoma and others. and we now know the stories of individuals that have chosen to participate in these respected pace programs and seen the successes that they have encountered. we know these upgrades can save money not only on repair costs and energy services and also monthly energy bills to the tunes of thousands of dollars saved per household. from the beginning we wanted to insure this policy and finance tool have a strong work force component tied to it that put residents to work in this thrg. we can be partners in th
bodies to reinforce our collective plan to have a thriving economy. we share best practices and collaborate to educate the public. and we've realized on many of you who are in the audience. let's get back to where i started people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world do we have them here from leader nancy pelosi who has been protecting the environment to mayor ed lee who is building the extension programs who has helped to there our focuses and effectiveness and strengthen our role 90 in government and the architect is being trormd. we should all take heart from their transformational change. we've shown we can continue our focus to our values we'll indeed have an impact on the federal government in the lives of the american people and hopefully on the world stage where america continues to lead. now we have a woman who needs little introduction nancy pelosi is the representative for the one hundred and 31st congress reforming the political system to create clean campaigns and concocting reforms and slurring the neighborhoods and scalds. from 2007 to 2011
right. mayor ed lee has worked hard to keep san francisco economy and recovery on track and create jobs for san franciscans. he makes a city like san francisco to celebrate diversity in education and health care and in the environment for future generation. mayor ed lee began his career as a civil rights attorney he later served as a director of the human rights commission fighting for people then as director of the public works and later as city administrator now as mayor of san francisco he continues to fight by implementing services that help our most vulnerable community. i'd like to welcome to the stage the houshlg may have san francisco mayor ed lee. (clapping.) >> thank you very much. good evening, everybody and welcome to the people's palace. well, this is tonight i'm excited to be here it's an honor to be here to celebrate the ninth american heritage indian month no san francisco celebration of the awards. i wanted to thank not that all of you are here but for k q e d for the sponsoring of local heros. this is important because your city is all about diversity and i want to ma
and transitional is an important part of our city to be able to compete in an economy. so the mayor and i have the honor of going to all the ribbon cuttings participate in the south of middle market. this is the first incubator space we're coming to which is an international collaborative workspace. i was speaking with some of the employees how many of us came to san francisco 13 years for the first dot come boom. many folks went from the colleges to the hot economy at that time. of course, we had the bust will cycle that followed and we're seeing something that's exiting the diversity of the economies and the businesses are incredible. this is excited about this step we're seeing on international collaboration this notice not just in san francisco but in asia. i'm sure you're aware it's been the mayors responsibility to collaborate to share ideas together. that's how innovative business and products are going to be created and brought together for our people. so i'm also here on behalf of the 11 members of the board of supervisors to welcome digital garage d g 717 to the south of market. i ha
in lieu of to witness the clean up air energy economy we know this could trigger a market transformation for the evolution we're witnessing but in order to unleash the potential we must provide the cat lift for a are you unnecessarily product and services. that catalyst as i mentioned it green finance sf. we've seen other parts of the state here in california that have adapted pace programs like in riverside county and have each year the positive impacts. we know the stories of individual that have benefited from the pace programs. we know those upgrades can save money for crucial home improvement projects but illuminate bills. in the future it was important for mayor ed lee and i to make sure this finance had a strong workforce component. we had meetings with our partners in labor to start the conversations and we know that training and employees for jobs in the many energy economy is key to keeping them employed but helping them find meaningful careers and building their families within your borders. we have clean energy we want our workers to benefit. we're going to continue to work f
economy involving technically legal inlaw units between world war ii and 1960, there were 20 to 30 thousand in-laws were built, today it'sest mated there are 30 to 40 thousand technically illegal inlaw units, who lives in these in-laws? we know the individuals who live in them are tenants who are typically immigrants, seniors, families and there is a disproportionately high number of children as well as some of our city's lowest income and longest term residents. they live in very affordable units but lack tenant rights. a study in district 11 showed that 45% of residents and in-laws don't even have written leases with their landlords. for many year, there have been significant calls for legalization, inlaw secondary units are simple and cost effective methods of increasing our cost effective supply, organizations from spur to the housing action coalition and tenant organizations have encouraged our city to consider legalization, but unfortunately, we have had a don't ask, don't tell policy, we have turned a blind eye to inlaw policies, it has eliminated an average of 100 in-laws e
fortunate too witness emerging models that that has become our clean energy economy. we know it can trigger market transformation s*us u just as the it transformation we're currently experiencing, but in order to unleash this true potential, as a city, we must provide callus stronger demand for renewable energy products and services. the catalyst is green finance sf. we receive seen in other parts of the state in california that have adopted residential pace programs, in sonoma and riverside county and is have seen the positive impacts that have followed further residents in their local economy. the stores of individuals that have chosen to participate in the respective pace programs and the successes they have experienced. these can save on monthly utility.bill tos the tune of tosses of dollars, from the beginning of this process, we wanted to make sure this finance tool had a strong workforce component tied to it. we convened meters with our partners and labor to start discussions with how that work component would look like. it's a key to not getting them job today and keeping th
further residents in their local economy. the stores of individuals that have chosen to participate in the respective pace programs and the successes they have experienced. these can save on monthly utility.bill tos the tune of tosses of dollars, from the beginning of this process, we wanted to make sure this finance tool had a strong workforce component tied to it. we convened meters with our partners and labor to start discussions with how that work component would look like. it's a key to not getting them job today and keeping them employed but to help them find meaningful careers and new economy ins the green collar economy that continues to grow. we want our local workers to have the skills necessary to take part in that e -- emerging industry. we want to ensure local residents are working on local contracts on local projects so we keep money and workflow within san francisco and continue to boost our local economy. i want to thank pat muligan from city build in particular, for all their hard work in the workforce component on that as well. we are confident that san francisco'
and interview training and all while providing pathways into the economy. as you can see from this photo it's representative of the city many diverse cultures and backgrounds. a little bit about myself i grew up in district 10 and been a resident my whole life and grew up going to 345rg9d king pool. that's the first thing we saw and on your right this is the opera house. those are some of the schools i've attend the elementary school the valley middle school and burton academic high school all within the district. after graduating high school i wanted to be a productive men of the community a cousin of mine gave me information about 9 neighborhood design which is 14 week carpentership program we focused on materials conservatism as well as energy efficiency. it was here that i found out about the green economy through the curriculum which some of you may not have heard of it was developed in part by john's who was a key advisors to obama on the green economy. from that program i was introduced to environment now this is a great picture of us doing outreach. we're the field for the streets.
careers and new economy ins the green collar economy that continues to grow. we want our local workers to have the skills necessary to take part in that e -- emerging industry. we want to ensure local residents are working on local contracts on local projects so we keep money and workflow within san francisco and continue to boost our local economy. i want to thank pat muligan from city build in particular, for all their hard work in the workforce component on that as well. we are confident that san francisco's program can now move forward and be successful. we've seen countless programs up and down the state of california and nationwide operates successfully now for years with no threat of it being shut down, we want to protect property owners and give them the comfort they need to part pate. our governor jerry brown passed in his budget reserve funds that will address sfha concerns and make sure that they are not impacted by pace impacts mere in san francisco, we will be participate ining the state reserve fund so that our property owners are fully perked. green finance sf is the e
or a place to work and create jobs that way but to grow the economy in the surrounding area. that is what it makes it a model to the nation and that's what san francisco is also ready and able to do. as we bring life into the building this is renovated in the great recession and now ready for another service hopefully it is something we'll be calling the great come back of our economy. i think mayor ed lee and everyone here for our leadership all your leadership because it's more than a building it's more than a workplace or a you mean it's to growth and regional it's the link from the past a great past as the un plaza to the future and i couldn't be happier to be here with you to celebrate that. so thank you very much all very much. thank you so much congresswoman your leadership in the house that passed the recovery act not only helped to create and save millions of jobs but it is what made this project possible so thank you. tiger lee is the director for the administration services he's served a vital role to build a responsible government for the american people. he's been recognized
's restaurant industry ~ as a strong and essential part of san francisco's economy. as an executive director, you have been excellent at articulating the needs and repairing the reputation of the golden gate restaurant association and the restaurant industry to san francisco's city government. you have also been an invaluable partner to the office of small business and the small business commission in advocating for reasonable public policy discussions and the betterment of regulatory conditions for restaurants. for these reasons, the small business commission commends rob black for the contributions that you've made during your tender tenure at the golden gate restaurant association ~ and wishes you continued success in your new endeavors. (applause) >> commissioner white. >> rob, as you know, this is a very sad for me, being a restaurant owner here in san francisco. although i do wish you well, i know you're moving on to bigger and better things. however, i wanted to personally thank you for the work that you've helped us with, david and i with 1300. without your leadership and the ggre, w
and work in the city. and the hotels support the economy there that as well. michael serves on the hotel and foundation board that raises money for hospitalized pistol and a sclarpdz michael is the president and he's about that a leader. as michael mentioned the hospitality industry is a industry that looked at gaps around us the hotels have careful because of the guest xrerps and you can post on any type of noise and they did. and michael and the hotel has done a good job and i encourage you to move this permit >> any public comment on this item?. all right. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners happy to take a motion >> i move to approve with police companies. >> second. >> great any further discussion? if not let's take it for a vote >> on the motions to approve with police conditions (calling names) moved. >> congratulations. we're going to move on to our next item that's really a closed item section 4, 5497 and an admin code we are going to do a employee evaluation so we're going to have everyone please we the appropriately report and review of the exec
the local economy and maintaining a strong connection to our san francisco lines. when looking for a new headquarters it was location, location, location. we needed somewhere to provide easy access to lots of local businesses and restaurants and remain convenient for mass transit riders and bike riders a lot of our employees ride bikes. combrem is pack at about local plays and celebrate the distinct active and unique. we want to have this into a more than workplace. talking of resident at the 130 montgomery is an important milestone. we'll celebrate our tenth anniversary next year. i'm privileged to introduce yelp leader our 2kwishd nancy pelosi (clapping.) and what on a honor to be your representative in congress. thank you jeremy. your leadership and your sense of community and for staying in san francisco. i'm honored to join you and your colleagues especially our mayor who has a relationship with this part of the whole city, of course, but this was his baby and he's done a remarkable job. when we cut relishes at another that i have i tip my hat to president obama for helping to make
our economy is a prosperous we need to help each other out. this is a wonderful city we exhibited that last month with the bad kid in our city and even on a more daily basis. i want to remind everybody about the typhoon is still with us with a filipino-american community we're asking ourselves owe everyone else to continue to be the global city and give all you can too >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> help folks that devastation will last year's. thank you, everybody and happy holidays and thaegz and keep sharing with your hearts >> thank you, mr. mayor. we appreciated our being here you're so loyal to the salvation army now i know why. some fast food facts pr 4 thousand meals are served to the search and seizures and soot shut in 3 hundred deliver routes and 45 hundred pound of turkey. are put together for the dinner 8 hundred pounds the green beans and 1 thousand 80 pound of miami. none of the preparations none of them disrupted the meals that everyday we've received for our participants and our homeless outreach in the neighborhoods. we still are backing cinnamon r
't convert them to commercial use. now that the economy is heating i those property owners are beginning to evict artists and who were famously featured on market. our office had been working very closely with the mayor's office in particular jeff buckley. director tom from department of believe inspection and director of planning john ram 40 who discussed the issues. just in two buildings alone on market street we could see the potential evocation of one hundred residents many are protecting that are part of making san francisco san francisco. we started working closely with this committee to allow tenants to stay in those residential unit many of which have been incredibly affordable and part of our affordable housing stock. i do want to thank all the departments for working closely with our department that will allow the city to have a better handle on many building h that are dwelling units. so working closely with dbi we've drafted this proposal we want to address some issues in the process of working with the tenant in those swaksdz. the buildings are required to notice the tenant
of stress on a community's economy. from that standpoint it makes all the sense of the world. where it doesn't make sense is to an awful lot of people. the average income that we are basing on is over $70,000. there is a lot of folks that don't make $70,000. for them, this amount for the people who earn lens -- less than that, this amount of money is going to get worse. i would ask you to think about other ways to amplify that issue. what i'm attempted towards is the idea that how many people or what personal of people -- personal percentage of people in san francisco spend two 1/2 percent of their income buchlt some other way of measuring what the real stress is on folks because i think we are going to be dealing with aw that more and more. comment on the excellence one. good news is we don't of any permit violations. i would say that's not a measure of excellence. that's a measure of doing your job. the whole motion of the permit process is that you do not violate those. that's the fundamental requirement. so doing that is an important thing to know and to highlight, but it's not a meas
to do on safety. we're fortunate that our economy a strong. and we do want to have success for everyone in the city. and everybody in some way including the kids in my family all touched muni in one way so it's a major transit mode we want to support and when it comes to saves they have to be a safe place for everyone. thank you to all the offered and the people and the entire safety compliment that works directly with metropolitan and as well as our police department. only on a day to day basis but they've been there with our officers to supplement all that the muni needs to do. we've invested in the improvement of our public safety. this summer as you heard chief and i and others in the technology world in the city likewise our officers to save time and allowing them to use smart phones that are connected no to the system that our attorney general has. we also invested in the community ambassador program to get them trained. those are residents of people that live in the tenderloin south of market in the bay view or vigilance valley they're walking the streets they can be the addition
opportunity to get research into the hands of people that get spent in the local economy and these are federal dollars and they are spent locally and that is a good thing and they are absolutely cal fresh has been shown to improve the food security and health among participants and there is a multiplier effect here, the federal dollars and for each dollar spent in the city, there is an economic multiplier to the tune of $1.80, it keeps the money in the community and it keeps the people in what we call the normal streams of commerce, which creates a virtal circle. if you thought about a meal being served, you will play that out and broke down and if you play out the cost of the meal and if that is covered by some from the city and some food at a free or low cost and the program money that organization raises itself and plus the volunteers to carry it out. >> and what are these that are needed to be identify and the partnerships that can grow this capacity most effectively and efficiently to increase the capacity
successful? >> again, they have more needs than dollars. there is a long pipeline and as the economy is improving and more construction is occurring, more money will come in. similar lateral to -- similarly to the impact development that money will come in. >> i just want to speak to the rincon hill that was established by the board of supervisors. we haven't used any funding or there haven't been any sale of the bond proceed. it's untested in terms of the selling of the bond. we are going to pro port to start using that pay as you go. we haven't used it to date. >> i understand that. is carlsbad, california the only other city? >> that's to my understanding yeah. >> i just wanted to fill out the conversation more. budget director with the mayor's office. just also on the ifd issue. specifically with rincon hill there have not been sales in the past. we've not been able to use that instrument and it's basically like one of the benefits of ifd is we thought we would be able to get money immediately and pay it off over time and because this is a new instrument not used very much in c
through the angel funding and start of box. that's an amazing contribution to the economy of san francisco. so start ups are starting to change. doug and i are going to make you guys be as successful as you can guys be as successful as you can and have free food all right. guys be as successful as you can and have free food all right. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. heat waves. massive heat waves. tick. severe droughts. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. devastating... devastating hurricanes. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick! tick! tick! tick! tick! tick! our future... tick! tick! is up... to you. tick. go to while there's still time. >> ready to convene? >> okay. roll call, commissioner woo ho? >> here. >> brandon. >> here >> adams. >> here. >> murphy. >> here. >> approval of the minutes for the october 22, 2013 meeting. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> pledge of allegiance.
that the economy completely crashed. my plan -- and i'm absolutely dogmatic about my plans --were delayed slightly. i would say that in this very difficult timefor the arts and everyone, especially the arts, it's phenomenal how new century has grown where many unfortunate organizations have stopped. during this period we got ourselves on national radio presence; we started touring, releasing cds, a dvd. we continue to tour. reputation grows and grows and grows and it has never stopped going forward. msk(music) >> the bay area knows the orchestra. you maybe take things for granted a little bit. that is simply not the case will go on the road. the audiences go crazy. they don't see vitality like this on stage. we are capable of conveying joy when we play. msk(music) >> any performance that we do, that a program, that will be something on the program that you haven't heard before. string orchestra repertoire is pretty small. i used to be boxed into small repertoire. i kept constantly looking for new repertoire and commissioning new arrangements. if you look at the first of the program you have very e
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 69 (some duplicates have been removed)